Wednesday, April 27, 2011 0 comments

BI Publisher: XDOXSLT:IS_NUMERIC Not Handling Negative Numbers

We have an inbuilt function IS_NUMERIC in BI Publisher template builder.  This function is mainly used to validate whether a given value is a numeric value or not. Based on that, this function will return either TRUE or FALSE.

Thursday, April 14, 2011 2 comments

BI Publisher: Handling NULL XML Value

There will be three possible scenarios for the value of an element in a XML data, 

1. XML tag value present in the XML data, and it has a value which is not NULL
for ex:

Suppose you want to give some condition to check not null similar to the one we give in PL/SQL as,
BI Publisher syntax for this is,

Thursday, January 27, 2011 3 comments

BI Publisher: Formatting Date

We can format dates in BI Publishes in the following three different ways,

1. Formatting Date using Microsoft Word’s native date format mask.
2. Formatting Date using Oracle’s format-date function.
3. Formatting Date using Oracle’s abstract date format masks.
4. Format with Calendar.
    Lets me now explain little details about the above three ways, and below is the XML I am going to use in the below examples,

    Friday, January 14, 2011 0 comments

    OAF: Error testing toolbox.jws

    Today I connect my Jdeveloper to a R12.0.6 instance and tried to test the connectivity using toolbox.jws from myproject folder.

    But unfortunately I got the error oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: Application: FND, Message Name: FND_GENERIC_MESSAGE. Tokens: MESSAGE = java.lang.NullPointerException;

    Wednesday, December 22, 2010 11 comments

    BI Publisher: Conditional Formatting

    Conditional formatting can be used in the layout builder for various scenarios. Some of the scenario I could think of is,
    1. Display/hide layout regions based on condition.
    2. Display/hide boilerplate text based on condition.
    3. Apply visual attributes based on condition.
    4. Hide table row or column based on condition.

    In the below paragraphs we will see how above scenarios can he achieved in BI Publisher.